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Why train at The Pride MMA?

Quality: At The Pride MMA first of all, we go have a very high standard of instructors and we only hire the best instructors in the business. Our standard of criteria for an instructor is very high and not attainable for instructors who have not already yet established themselves as world class instructors.
Atmosphere: We also at The Pride MMA promote a healthy and friendly atmosphere suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities and we respect that each individual has a different limit to where he can be pushed physically and mentally. We also acknowledge that many people come to the gym after a long day of work and we accommodate everyone equally from the hobbyist, the person who is just doing martial arts as a means of losing weight while doing something enjoyable and beneficial, and the person who is looking to compete. In many gyms, only competitors get enough attention from the coach and management, we prefer to treat everyone with same importance and help each individual reach out to his personal goals.
Value for Money: We recognize that money comes from hard earned work hence our pricing strategy ensures that we offer affordable training and the best value for money without compromising the quality of training!

The benefits of martial arts training at The Pride MMA

  • Training in modern martial arts is the most efficient way of self defence.
  • Training in grappling arts enables a person to control his opponent very effectively without inflicting injuries.
  • Learn to be humble.
  • Self confidence booster .
  • Discipline: being a martial artist means committing to a training schedule and certain way of life that includes dedication outside the gym.
  • Improving body coordination.
  • Improving cardiovascular performance.
  • The improvement of cardiovascular performance and loss of excess bodyweight lowers risk of heart diseases and is also “anti-aging”.
  • Loss of excess weight and muscle building in an enjoyable way
  • Stress relief.
  • Learn to deal and overcome bad situations under pressure.
  • You tend to respect that real success requires hard work and there are no cutting corners to working hard. 
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